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Weird And Gilly Are Back!

We're Back
Stay tuned! We have so much to shout about!

A new David Bowie album, the return of the Stooges  and then there’s the incredible Ian Hunter tour!

Spider Trevor Bolder‘s comeback, Ken Scott‘s terrific new book and the premier of the 1994 Mick Ronson Memorial Film and so much more!!!

Luv on ya,
Weird and Gilly 2013


Weird & Gilly Wish You A Happy 2012!!!


















What a fabulous year!! Less postings than ever but that’s because we’ve been rocking out, traveling, working new jobs, hanging out with family, making new friends, seeing old friends and overall,  Weird and Gilly have been “jammin’ good” the entire year.  Thank God for good folks like yourself who pop in and keep us going, we couldn’t do this without you. So, as one eye looks back fondly, the other one is focused on the future and we anticipate a bright and glamorous 2012 – together. Wishing all of you the absolute best year of your lives!!!


Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes for weirdandgilly.com

Like the new look?

You’re going to notice some positive changes throughout the coming months as we endeavor to improve this website. Meanwhile it’s due time to applaud two very special people that have made this website possible. A huge thanks to our webmaster Mike (Friday Mike) Wilkinson and artist Kevin Marunowski for all of their creative efforts. They’re wizards at what they do and we just have to shout it out loud!

Bravo dudes, bravo!!

Mick Ronson: Bowie’s King Of Glam Guitar

On sale now ~  the July issue of Guitarist Magazine  featuring Mick Ronson on the cover with the tag line: celebrating 40 years.

Charles Shaar Murray has written a fantastic piece that reminds us of  why Mick Ronson is deserving of guitar hero status.

Bonus: glossy Mick Rock photos and praise for The Spider With The Platinum Hair bio (picked as one of the best guitar tomes) makes this issue all the more special. Don’t miss it!

Cleveland to Heaven and Heaven to Hull

On the 30th of May we celebrated Mick Ronson’s birthday at the Beachland Tavern with a very special brunch menu, fantastic music and a great group of folks. Fans from the UK, Toronto and Colorado were in attendance and the locals enjoyed it too. Hosts Randy, Brenda and Judy supplied the t-shirts and pins while Irena (huge Ronson fan from Russia) created a fab Mick Ronson crossword puzzle that kept the room buzzing with trivia. Between the  prizes and the Pleasure Man (Hey Ma Get Papa) Margaritas every fan left smiling.  The same can be said for the weekend up in Hull that followed on the 5th and 6th of June.  All reports thus far have been good  and as pictures and comments continue to come in we’re archiving them here for future use in the gallery. Stay tuned.

Weird and Gilly Go Metal On Metal

Bill Peters, who has hosted his metal show on John Carroll University’s radio station WJCU FM 88.7 for 28 years (Metal on Metal) has asked Weird and Gilly to re-visit the radio station, tonight at 8:30PM.  They’ll talk about the revised edition of the Ronson book  and it’s  new availability at The Exchange stores.  The duo also promise

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Weird and Gilly love Redd Kross…

…and Rodney, Annette, Runaways…

Redd Kross Interview on Rodney On The ROQ 1987

Record Collector Review

Issue 371 of Record Collector Magazine includes a four star review of Weird And Gilly’s book, The Spider With the Platinum Hair.

Check it out on their website:

Review of The Spider With the Platinum Hair

Cut the cake!

We salute David Bowie on his 63rd birthday.

This is also the day Weird and Gilly celebrate their creative partnership / birthday of 22 years.

Neither of them have ever went to school or work on the 8th in favor of meeting early, playing records and eating cake all day.