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Patsy Cline Complete Decca Studio Masters

Thankfully a guy from Yorkshire (Mick Ronson) turned us on to Patsy Cline in 1988. Since then, we’ve been devoted fans of the lady, the legend, the one and only ~ Patsy.

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Malcolm McLaren ~ Cash From Chaos

Malcolm McLaren died this past Thursday leaving the rest of us punks in his dust. His rebellious and defiant attitude changed the way we view rock ‘n’ roll and fashion.

RIP ~ Malcolm

More on McLaren at: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/rockandpopfeatures/7572571/Farewell-to-Malcolm-McLaren.html

Rest In Peace Alex Chilton

It’s with huge regret that we share the news of Alex Chilton’s passing.

He will long be remembered for his huge contribution to music (Box Tops, Big Star, Solo) and will be missed by many.

Gilly took this photograph of Alex at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland 07.

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Listen: Ronson Radio Cleveland Friday 9/25


Suzi Ronson and daughter Lisa will discuss the upcoming documentary titled …And Ronson Played Guitar. Listen in while they share stories, news of the film, and talk about the worldwide effort to get Mick inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in the ‘sideman’ category.

On the 1st of October, Independent Music Press in London will publish the fully updated and revised edition of the Ronson biography, Mick Ronson: The Spider With the Platinum Hair.

The film and book release will be the topic of both radio shows when the Ronsons and authors Weird and Gilly team up to talk about Cleveland, glam rock, and the extraordinary career of Mick Ronson.

WBWC 88.3 FM The Sting – Cleveland – 11:00 AM

WNCX 98.5 Classic Rock – Cleveland 12:30 PM

This Week marks the 37th Anniversary of the very first time David Bowie and guitarist Mick Ronson performed in Cleveland, Ohio. The USA tour launched here and the opening gig at Cleveland’s Music Hall was quick to sell out. This legendary concert is considered a landmark show in the history of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars. Mick returned to Cleveland many times during his musical career and even received keys to the city in November 1989. After losing his battle with cancer, Mick passed away in 1993 at the young age of 46.

Photo: Anastasia Pantsios

Remembering: Hilly Kristal


Hilly Kristal, founder of New York City’s CBGB’s, died on August 28, 2007 of lung cancer.

Official CBGB’s Website: cbgb.com

Guest Blog: Suzi Ronson


From: Rock Radio :: Guest Blog : Suzi Ronson

Mick Ronson 1946-1993

I would like to thank my friends and Mick’s fans for their thoughts on the 16th anniversary of his death on April 29th. Many people think it strange that I am still caught up with him and wonder why I have not moved on, remarried and let bygones be bygones. Well, they didn’t know Mick.

I am making a documentary about Mick with a film company. Sue Ashworth and her business partner Marc Coker have helped me put together something very special. It should be available in the autumn 2009.

While making it I have gone down roads I remember well, meeting people from long ago and hearing so many stories about Mick that we have been paralyzed with laughter – hard to bottle up when interviewing!

The thing I hear time and time again is how down-to-earth, how kind, and what a normal bloke Mick was. His stage persona and the real man could not have been more different.

My daughter said, as she accepted the Classic Rock Award, “Dad taught me it’s nice to be important but more important to be nice”. That’s how Mick was and many fans can attest to it.

We first met in 1970 when Ziggy Stardust was being recorded. I had been recruited by Angie to turn David’s long blonde hair into short red Ziggy.

The first time I met Mick I was completely surprised. I had seen him play with David and was blown away. His stage persona was powerful and passionate – but the private person was an immaculately dressed, softly spoken, shy man.

He was living in a cramped flat with Woody, Trevor, and a couple of roadies in Beckenham. It was so small Mick was reduced to composing strings sitting on the toilet!

It was self-evident how important Mick was to David, not only on stage but in the studio. They were always holed up, working out arrangements and producing other people. What a twosome – exciting performers, talented producers. There was no choice for Mick. He was born to be a musician, and no training could enable you to do what he could do with music.

We were friends throughout the time he was with David, only falling in love afterwards when we were preparing for the Slaughter on Tenth Avenue album. I’d been in love with him for years but never thought I never had a chance.

It was a wonderful romance. I always enjoyed touring and continued to do so with Mick, going out with Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter. Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder tour was amazing, the music incredible. One of the things I miss more than anything is the music.

We married in 1977 and I had my lovely daughter Lisa shortly afterwards. Life was great. We had our ups and downs as many people do and even separated for while. Music was his mistress.

When he became ill with cancer we got back together and started that final heartbreaking journey. It was as if we’d never been apart.

My world fell apart when he died and I haven’t really ever fully recovered. He was such a good and decent man, so brave in those final months. He was in the studio two days before he died recording Heaven and Hull – what an achievement.

I will always miss him and not a day goes by when I don’t think about him.

RIP my darling.

Suzi Ronson

In Loving Memory Of Elvis Presley


WaG Remember: Elvis Presley

Goodbye, Norma Jean


In loving memory of Marilyn Monroe (1926 – 1962).

This photo taken in 1950 by LIFE photographer Ed Clark in Los Angeles
Griffith Park was recently discovered during the magazine’s effort to digitized
their immense photo archive.

New Pictures of Marilyn Monroe Released | Bitten and Bound

Happy Birthday, Leee Black Childers

Happy Birthday, Roger McGuinn


'Chestnut Mare' with Mick Ronson on guitar:

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