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David Bowie’s ‘Jean Genie’ Starring Mick Ronson


David Bowie 1973 ‘Top Of The Pops’ anyone?  So ~ like you, we kept hearing about the possible T.O.T. P. ‘Jean Genie broadcast on Dec. 21, 2011 but just about the time we settled with the notion of having to wait,  BBC2 aired it as part of their Christmas special. Almost immediately, posting after posting started to appear on youTube and it felt like the entire planet was tuning in.

Bowie and The Spiders From Mars are caught here, in their absolute prime and the delivery of this video, 38 years later and the week of Christmas ~ kicked our spirits into overdrive.  Read part 1 of the story here and the follow up here for the complete story  but the video you’ll find posted below. Lean back and get ready to time-travel: UK 1973. “Let Yourself Go!!”

Watch David Bowie and The Spiders  Perform Jean Genie

Celebrating the Mick Ronson Legacy

On June 4, 2011, Legacy presents the second annual Celebrating the Mick Ronson Legacy event at the Springhead in Hull, England. This is Mick’s hometown and a beautiful city. If you’re able to attend we recommend that  you do as it will be a magical day, remembering and paying tribute to the one and only: Mick Ronson. More details will follow as bands are added to the bill.

This special event is put on by the MICK RONSON LEGACY for friends and fans and will benefit cancer charities including Teenage Cancer Trust and the MacMillan Nurses. Please consider spending a day in Hull and supporting this very special event.

Remembering Mick Ronson

Today and Always. God bless Ronno.
26th May 1946 – 29th April 1993



Mick Ronson’s Magic Bus

Here comes the RONSON ROCKER! 
The next time you’re up in Hull, choose a greener, smarter, Ronno way to travel and hop on the Mick Ronson bus.
Saturday, Les Morfitt posted this photo on his facebook page and credited it to his “Nef” Paul. This photo is getting many comments including this one from Paul Morfitt:
“Just so you all know, the 8 brand new buses will all be on the road on Service 30 to and from North Bransholme from Monday ! They have all been named after famous people from Hull ! We are doing the offical launch today at 1pm at North Bransholme using 3 of them, but from Monday, you will all be able to see the “Ronson Rocker” !!!! Hope you all get to see it. His name is on the front, the side just past the door and on the rear above the bottom deck window!”
Thanks to Paul and to Les Morfitt for sharing this story.

Mick Ronson Tribute 2011

Soundcheck Magazine is putting on a Tribute Gig in honor of Mick Ronson on the 6th of March in Atlanta Georgia – USA.

Surely, this will be a very special night, full of good friends and good music benefiting the entire Mick Ronson community.

Please support this event by attending the gig, sharing the news  or shouting it out loud: WE REMEMBER MICK! 

Go to:  http://www.soundcheck-magazine.net  for more information.

Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars


landed in Cleveland, Ohio 38 years ago today.

This performance marked the opening show of the US Tour and was held at the Cleveland Music Hall.

Were you there?

If so please contact us at wag@weirdandgilly.com

We want to hear your story.

Photo: Anastasia Pantsios

Mick Ronson and Lou Reed share some pasta

This photo makes our day. A screen shot from the Classic Albums documentary series Lou Reed “Transformer” dvd. Special thanks to Irina Denis for reminding us what a fantastic 80 minutes this is.

Mick Ronson T-Shirt Offer

We’re happy to annouce that Randy & Brenda have a handful (very limited) of T-shirts left over from the Birthday Bash Brunch held on 30th of May over at the Beachland Tavern – Cleveland.

This is the ultimate souvenir tee (a complete labour of love) that is of high quality and rare to say the least. If you have any interest in buying a shirt to help recoup the expense in printing this limited run, contact Randy at: r_romig@sbcglobal.net

Mick Ronson: Bowie’s King Of Glam Guitar

On sale now ~  the July issue of Guitarist Magazine  featuring Mick Ronson on the cover with the tag line: celebrating 40 years.

Charles Shaar Murray has written a fantastic piece that reminds us of  why Mick Ronson is deserving of guitar hero status.

Bonus: glossy Mick Rock photos and praise for The Spider With The Platinum Hair bio (picked as one of the best guitar tomes) makes this issue all the more special. Don’t miss it!

David Bowie Recommends Mick Ronson

Thanks to everyone who took part in the awesome campaign to get Ronson inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and Museum.  The recent recommendation letter from David Bowie to the committee can only help the cause and we look forward to watching what happens next. BowieNet confirmed this letter from David late last month and you can read the full story here: Read the rest of this entry »

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