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John Lennon Time Capsule

“The dream is alive if you want it” ~ October 2010 – October 2040

 This is where you can upload your birthday wishes, commentary, musical performances of John Lennon’s recordings, and personal thoughts on John Lennon’s legacy, and be included in the Time Capsule.


Weird and Gilly love Redd Kross…

…and Rodney, Annette, Runaways…

Redd Kross Interview on Rodney On The ROQ 1987

Record Collector Review

Issue 371 of Record Collector Magazine includes a four star review of Weird And Gilly’s book, The Spider With the Platinum Hair.

Check it out on their website:

Review of The Spider With the Platinum Hair

The Times Name Rock Guitar’s Most Valuable Players


George Harrison is #1, Johnny Marr #2 and Mick Ronson #3!

George Harrison: the ultimate guitar hero – Times Online

Robert Crumb Needs Your Help


Robert is looking for this 78 record by
DOC HOPKINS — ‘OLD JOE CLARK’ and ’21 years’.

Click here: Crumb Newsletter: Robert trying to fix a warped 78 record by “melting” it flat in the oven.

Vote For Mick Ronson!


1855 Signatures And Counting…

PLEASE NOTE: any donations made to ipetitions go directly to ipetitions.com (to upkeep their site) and NOT to the Mick Ronson petition. A donation is NOT a requirement to be able to sign the petition.

Mick Ronson Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame Petition : [ powered by iPetitions.com ]


Alice Cooper to Film


Theatre Of Death Tour DVD

Bravewords.com > News

FASHION – Turn To The Right


moodboard: Flashback: Kate Moss in Vintage Bowie

Five Year Old Boy Walks The Line

…and we think it’s absolutely adorable.

Listen To Ian


You can listen online to recent Ian Hunter radio interviews:

Ian Hunter on Here and Now, WBUR (Boston):

Ian Hunter on Q104.3 (New York):
Special Thanks to Madeline Bocaro

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