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Remembering Mick Ronson – Twenty Years Without You

Growing up with Mick Ronson and we’re fine. Growing up without him, not so fine. Twenty years ago on April 29th, 1993 we lost an electrifying guitarist and ace producer and arranger when Ronson passed away of liver cancer in his home with family and friends at his side.

A son to Minnie, a brother to Maggi and David, a husband to Suzi, a father to Lisa, a friend to Ian, a hero to many; there was only one Ronno and our sympathy goes out to all who loved him. Personally, we’re forever changed for turning on to his talents. His simplicity, his smile, his tone and his tune are just a few of the things we’ve had to adjust to growing up without the past twenty years.

Still, his legacy burns bright and today in his memory we hold on to his music. There, while it’s cranked loudly, the bitter still sounds better and the hurt is healed by moonage solos and a Les Paul guitar. We remember Mick fondly… today and always.

God bless Ronno ~

Special thanks to AntiShok and to all involved with this video tribute.