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Good News For Former Spider From Mars Bassist Trevor Bolder

Trevor Bolder Spider From Marss

When news broke last month that former Spiders From Mars bassist Trevor Bolder had undergone a major surgery in January it was said that he’d suffered a heart attack. Bolder later revealed to Classic Rock that it wasn’t a heart issue at all, it was cancer.

Bolder who now plays bass for Uriah Heep has taken a leave from the band but he’s expected to return when he’s well rested and feeling up to it. “In a couple of months I should be back to normal and doing roadwork with Uriah Heep. Originally, I was told it would be nine months. I’ve gone private now and they say it should be four months – as long as I take it steady.”

Since then Uriah Heep announced the good report that Bolder is ahead of schedule and recuperating very well from his surgery. His aim was to return for the Download festival on June 14 but the band is hopeful that he’ll be back before then.

Here’s to a speedy bounce back Trevor!
From Cleveland to Hull…we’re cheering you on!

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