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Ian Hunter Visits Ohio Early To Kick Start The Non-Profit ‘Cleveland Rocks: Past, Present And Future’ Benefit Sept. 26


Ian Hunter has just recorded one of his best records ever, he’s out on the road with his long-time Rant Band and now he’s agreed to come to Cleveland a day early to kick off a benefit that will help launch a new non-profit ‘Cleveland Rocks: Past, Present and Future.’

Who better to lead this party than Ian Hunter? He sings about wanting to be president but here in Northeast Ohio, he’s long been our unsung president. After all, he did write the song that would unofficially become Cleveland’s anthem, he has more than one set of keys to the city and on Wednesday, Sept. 26th Hunter will appear at a special fundraiser, wearing his I heart Cleveland badge proudly.

The event will begin with a Q&A discussion at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in the 4th floor Foster Theater at 7PM and will focus on Hunter’s unique relationship with former manager and dear friend Steve Popovich. The Vice President of Education & Public Programs Lauren Onkey will lead the conversation, bringing to light the impact of Popovich, Cleveland International Records and his unwavering passion for music.

Popovich who passed away last year had a desire that Hunter talks about in a recent interview with the Plain Dealer. “Desire keeps us going — that’s what I’ll always remember about Steve Popovich,” Hunter said. “He was a working-class guy who fought for what he believed in no matter what. It still inspires me.”

Following the event at the RHOF, VIP Donors (tickets available for $200.00) are invited to a special reception from 9PM to 11PM with Ian and his wife Trudi at Crop Bistro, for some hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. Cleveland International memorabilia will be on display and undoubtedly it’ll be a night to remember.

Cindy Barber co-owner of the Beachland Ballroom is the one spearheading this initiative. Obviously, it will benefit Cleveland in numerous ways by focusing on its mission which includes; The Popovich Legacy Project, Cleveland Rocks Now, Music Saves The Future and Keep It Live.

The non-profit will concentrate on preserving Cleveland’s rich musical history while reinforcing the idea that its music scene is still very much alive. The ‘Cleveland Rocks PPF’ mission provides more detail in the press release and for the record; Weird and Gilly fully support this effort and look forward to cheering it on in every way possible.

On Thursday the 27th, Hunter will return to the Ballroom stage to remind Ohio what great rock ‘n’ roll is all about. Last year he took us hostage with an amazing performance and we imagine that Thursday night’s show will prove the same. We can’t wait to hear some of the new songs performed live!! Come to the show early and get your glam on with our buddy Dave Swanson who will be kicking out the jams, playing all of our favorite records in the Tavern before the gig. “Three-Four!”