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Blondie’s Deborah Harry In ‘Last Year Next Year This Year New Year’ Video


John Roberts the performer and comedian who has gained an audience by doing humorous and original character work live across the country and on television has hit a home-run with this end of year classic.

Most of us can identify with the ‘Last Year Next Year This Year New Year’ attitude that Roberts taps into and who doesn’t have a friend like Harry (Fran)? Come end of year, one can only hope that the new year will be awesome and who better to share in that sentiment than a good friend like Fran?

As the two BFF’s smirk and cheat by eating chips and chocolate, struggling to find Dick Clark on the tube before the ball drops, it’s only natural that one of them passes out. Harry on the other hand takes her bow in the kitchen sink and rebounds with enough time to grab another Apple-tini and watch the ball drop by her lonesome.The morning after is to die for (quite literally) and reality quickly sets in. Still, imagine sharing the last night of the year with Deborah Harry and that my friend, is well worth toasting to. A big thanks to Rocky and Leslie for turning us on to this.

Watch Harry in ‘Last Year Next Year This Year New Year video: