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Remembering Mick Ronson

Today and Always. God bless Ronno.
26th May 1946 – 29th April 1993



Can you feel it?

It’s here! It’s finally here! The day we’ve been waiting for ~ can you feel it?

RAW POWER Ann Arbor!  Here we come!

The Michigan Theater is small (4000 seats) and this show sold out in minutes. If you’re holding tickets consider yourself quite fortunate and prepare to rock!

If not, raise your glass high, turn up the volume and salute the one and only Ron Asheton from wherever you are.

Photo: Robert Matheu

Check this out: The Detroit Metro Times talked to Iggy last week:  http://metrotimes.com/music/stooge-power-1.1131623

In honor of David Bowie’s TOY

Last month David Bowie’s unreleased (2002) album TOY leaked on the web. Consisting of his old songs re-imagined and re-recorded, it’s long been anticipated by fans.

The recording of TOY can be found at:  http://bigozine2.com/roio/?p=732

Weeks later the TOY buzz continues as this cute lil’ finger puppet has just arrived in our mailbox. We’re uncertain of who created this number but we’d like to thank Sean ‘Masslayer’ Doherty in Boston for this great surprise! Click here for a PDF file that will instruct you how to make your very own David Bowie TOY! david_bowie