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David Bowie Recommends Mick Ronson

Thanks to everyone who took part in the awesome campaign to get Ronson inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and Museum.  The recent recommendation letter from David Bowie to the committee can only help the cause and we look forward to watching what happens next. BowieNet confirmed this letter from David late last month and you can read the full story here: David Bowie recently wrote to the committee at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, recommending that Ronno be inducted into their hallowed ranks.

Bowie/Ronson fan, Colin Blade, had been running a petition to this end for some time and news of Bowie’s communication first broke on MickRonson.com last month.

I wasn’t going to announce David’s involvement as it’s my guess that he probably likes to do these things quietly.

However, I’ve had so many e-mails asking if it’s true that I thought it was time to verify the story and I’m sure that confirmation of his involvement can only help the cause.

The petition is now closed and Colin managed to gather over 3,500 signatures…so fingers crossed that the combined effect of your signatures and David’s recommendation will oil the wheels somewhat and Ronno will be given his rightful position in the Hall of Fame.

David Bowie himself, (that’s his arse next to Ronno’s top right in the above montage) was inducted in 1996. You can view his entry here.