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Next Saturday: 04-17-10 Record Store Day!

This is your friendly reminder to get on out there and support your local record store next Saturday. Go to the official website for all the information on this annual event and find out how your neighborhood store is participating. http://recordstoreday.com/Home

Weird and Gilly recommend you  check these stores out when you visit the Canton-Akron-Cleveland area:

Checkered Records: 1954 Whipple Ave NW, Canton, OH  330 -479-9576

Square Records: 824 West Market Street Akron, OH  330 – 375-9244

The Exchange: 6271 Pearl Road Parma Heights, OH 440 – 845-0828

My Minds Eye: 13727 Madison Avenue Lakewood, Ohio  – 216 – 521-6660

Music Saves: 15801 Waterloo Road Cleveland, Ohio – 216 – 481-1875

Blue Arrow: 16001 Waterloo Rd. Cleveland, Ohio – 216 – 486-2415