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Show Your Support For The Secret History

C’mon gang ~ let’s help Lisa Ronson bring her band to Hull this coming June. There’s only a few more weeks to show your support so visit Kickstarter NOW!


The Secret History Johnny Anorak

Check out ‘Johnny Anorak’ the brand new single (official video) from The Secret History.

Congratulations to Lisa Ronson and the entire band.

Mick Ronson Birthday Bash at Beachland Tavern

We neglected to mention in the last posting where the wonderful Beachland Tavern is located. You’ll find them at: 15711 Waterloo Road Cleveland, OH 44110-1659
(216) 383-1124


Mick Ronson Convention Moves North

Mick Ronson fans are top notch and Ohio based Randy and Brenda Romig partnered with Judy Mantyla are living proof of that.

Starting back as early as 2006 these three friends have held luncheons  in honor of their guitar hero Ronson.

This intimate but annual event even boasts it’s own (pictured)  commemorative press passes.

This year with assistance from Weird and Gilly the party is moving to Cleveland to the Beachland Tavern. Scheduled for Sunday May 30th Read the rest of this entry »

MOJO Questions Ian Hunter


OCTOBER’S MOTT THE HOOPLE shows were the most rapturously received reunion gigs in recent memory. Grown men wept in the aisles of the Hammersmith Apollo as the grizzled team – originals Ian Hunter, Mick Ralphs, Pete “Overend” Watts, Verden “Phally” Allen and Dale “Buffin” Griffin augmented by auxiliary drummer Martin Chambers – delivered the signature Mott cocktail of wide-eyed rocking, phlegmatic cool and sartorial eccentricity. The boogaloo dudes carried the news and, as MOJO’s Kris Needs observed, they let no-one down.
For Hunter it was the culmination, he says, of “a year of bullshit”. There are warm words for each of his Mott confreres, but he’s also irked by the Byzantine politics of the reunion, recently revisited as news leaked of a Mott reprise at July’s High Voltage festival, only for fans’ hopes to be quickly dashed. Meanwhile, the singer keeps busy, with solo shows at Edinburgh Picture House on May 1 and London’s Barbican on May 2, affording him the opportunity to play music from his overlooked 2009 album, Man Overboard.
The legendary singer and songwriter, now 70, spared time for MOJO’s Danny Eccleston to cover all of this, Read the rest of this entry »

Rest In Peace Alex Chilton

It’s with huge regret that we share the news of Alex Chilton’s passing.

He will long be remembered for his huge contribution to music (Box Tops, Big Star, Solo) and will be missed by many.

Gilly took this photograph of Alex at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland 07.

Read the rest of this entry »

The Secret History Release Party

The Secret History
The debut album by the Secret History is available for pre-order now.


Go out and celebrate with Lisa Ronson and the band this Thursday ~ Read the rest of this entry »

Mind The Gap

Thanks for your patience.

We’re back on the track so…please mind the gap!