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Gail Ann Dorsey And Tony Visconti Salute David Bowie’s ‘The Next Day’ On Facebook

The Next Day

Bass player and vocalist Gail Ann Dorsey and producer, arranger Tony Visconti posted status updates on Facebook yesterday as David Bowie’s ‘The Next Day’ officially hit the streets. Both Dorsey and Visconti who have partnered with Bowie for numerous records and tours had this to say about the release.

“Today, when I think about the little girl that I was in West Philly in the 1960’s and 70’s, dreaming of being a great musician, an actor, a screenwriter, a film-maker, or anything else my imagination could entertain, I realize that the odds of my succeeding in any of those areas were not in my favour. Today, I truly realize how blessed and lucky I have been to beat those odds. Today, I look at the sacrifices I have made on my incredible journey, and I embrace each and every one, for they were the seeds that bore the fruits of this day… Today, is “The Next Day”… a musical gift to The World” said Dorsey.

Visconti shared Dorsey’s post on his own Facebook timeline and added this comment, “Making ‘The Next Day’ has been a wonderful two year long ‘event’ to be working on together. I can’t call it a project or even an album. For two years it was our lives. God bless David Bowie.”

So, in the midst of all the Bowie news (print) stories it’s kind of nice to see a few sincere quotes appear via Facebook and these two updates are definitely worth sharing. We trust that if you’re reading this you’re enjoying what Dorsey calls a “musical gift to the world” in your own personal space, in your own special way on this day forever known as ‘The Next Day.’

So, back to it!