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Old Saint Bob


Dylan is back in the studio, this time recording Christmas Songs – thus far he’s covered
‘O Little Town Of Bethlehem’, ‘Silver Bells’, ‘Must Be Santa’, ‘Here Comes Santa Claus’ and ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’.

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Cheap Trick’s Lonely Hearts Club Band


LIVE DVD: Available next Tuesday – August 25th

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Guest Blog: Suzi Ronson


From: Rock Radio :: Guest Blog : Suzi Ronson

Mick Ronson 1946-1993

I would like to thank my friends and Mick’s fans for their thoughts on the 16th anniversary of his death on April 29th. Many people think it strange that I am still caught up with him and wonder why I have not moved on, remarried and let bygones be bygones. Well, they didn’t know Mick.

I am making a documentary about Mick with a film company. Sue Ashworth and her business partner Marc Coker have helped me put together something very special. It should be available in the autumn 2009.

While making it I have gone down roads I remember well, meeting people from long ago and hearing so many stories about Mick that we have been paralyzed with laughter – hard to bottle up when interviewing!

The thing I hear time and time again is how down-to-earth, how kind, and what a normal bloke Mick was. His stage persona and the real man could not have been more different.

My daughter said, as she accepted the Classic Rock Award, “Dad taught me it’s nice to be important but more important to be nice”. That’s how Mick was and many fans can attest to it.

We first met in 1970 when Ziggy Stardust was being recorded. I had been recruited by Angie to turn David’s long blonde hair into short red Ziggy.

The first time I met Mick I was completely surprised. I had seen him play with David and was blown away. His stage persona was powerful and passionate – but the private person was an immaculately dressed, softly spoken, shy man.

He was living in a cramped flat with Woody, Trevor, and a couple of roadies in Beckenham. It was so small Mick was reduced to composing strings sitting on the toilet!

It was self-evident how important Mick was to David, not only on stage but in the studio. They were always holed up, working out arrangements and producing other people. What a twosome – exciting performers, talented producers. There was no choice for Mick. He was born to be a musician, and no training could enable you to do what he could do with music.

We were friends throughout the time he was with David, only falling in love afterwards when we were preparing for the Slaughter on Tenth Avenue album. I’d been in love with him for years but never thought I never had a chance.

It was a wonderful romance. I always enjoyed touring and continued to do so with Mick, going out with Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter. Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder tour was amazing, the music incredible. One of the things I miss more than anything is the music.

We married in 1977 and I had my lovely daughter Lisa shortly afterwards. Life was great. We had our ups and downs as many people do and even separated for while. Music was his mistress.

When he became ill with cancer we got back together and started that final heartbreaking journey. It was as if we’d never been apart.

My world fell apart when he died and I haven’t really ever fully recovered. He was such a good and decent man, so brave in those final months. He was in the studio two days before he died recording Heaven and Hull – what an achievement.

I will always miss him and not a day goes by when I don’t think about him.

RIP my darling.

Suzi Ronson

In Loving Memory Of Elvis Presley


WaG Remember: Elvis Presley

Alice Cooper to Film


Theatre Of Death Tour DVD

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Mott The Hoople – America – 1974

Morgan Fisher captures it all on a Super 8 camera

FASHION – Turn To The Right


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FASHION – Turn To The Left


Philadelphia Museum of Art – Exhibitions

Kansai Yamamoto – runs through August at the Philadelphia Museum of art

The Kids Are Alright


Tracie Hunter and Audio Cartel (Jesse Hunter) are playing Dingwalls on Sunday, October 4th.

Note: if you’re going to the Mott The Hoople Reunion – this is your day off. Tickets on sale now.

Dingwall’s London – Gig Highlights

Space Oddity 40th Anniversary Edition


From DavidBowie.com:

Disc one contains the full original album that first appeared as David Bowie on the Philips label in November 1969 and as Man Of Words, Man Of Music on Mercury in the US.

Disc two contains fifteen tracks including eight previously unreleased versions.

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